Rush Limbaugh slammed the media Monday for its coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, saying the endless coverage is only advancing theories about the fate of the Boeing 777 and the 239 people onboard.

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"This has just created this primordial soup atmosphere for conspiracy theories to just go through the roof, and it's now so far gone that the simple explanation is what's gonna end up being the truth here, but nobody's gonna accept it because they're so far gone now with potential theories that it's gonna be difficult. People are not gonna believe the truth once it's known," he said.

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Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz agreed with Limbaugh's sentiments, telling Bill Hemmer this morning that the media coverage overall "seriously veered out of control" after the first few days. He criticized the media for offering countless theories about what could have happened - from the plane safely landing in Pakistan to one CNN host bringing up "supernatural" explanations.

Kurtz said he understands the "dilemma" that the media faces on this story because it's generating high ratings and enormous interest, but concrete information is lacking.

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