Greg Gutfeld took a moment to salute America’s first pop culture president, Barack Obama, today on The Five.

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There may be chaos in Venezuela and Ukraine, he said, but President Obama remains “ruthless” when it comes to his strengths – pop culture.

In his monologue, Gutfeld described President Obama as “casually aloof” as he recruits famous faces to promote ObamaCare.

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“This is what America elected, so this is what we get. A huge success not on a world stage but on a sound stage – ‘Between Two Ferns’ his only ObamaCare win.”

Gutfeld quipped that “this is the stuff Putin only dreamed he could do, if he wasn’t busy expanding an empire.”

He said America voted against a war hero and a businessman in the last two elections. “America voted cool, and we got it. A man too detached to deal with old school bad guys because it’s just so 1980s. Enlisting pop stars to sell his domestic wares, he forgot there’s a world out there spinning round. Bummer, that it’s harshing his buzz.”

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