Peter Doocy reported on Happening Now this morning on the case of a 20-year-old California man who is in federal custody, accused of trying to join Islamic extremist groups in Syria and talking about an attack on the L.A. subways. Nicholas Michael Teausant, 20, was nabbed as he tried to cross into Canada and prosecutors allege he was planning to fight against the Assad regime as part of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

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A California college student who allegedly discussed attacking the Los Angeles subway system was arrested Monday on suspicion of attempting to provide material assistance to a foreign terrorist organization, authorities said.

Nicholas Michael Teausant, 20, of Acampo, near Stockton, was arrested in Blaine, Wash., near the U.S.-Canadian border, U.S. Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner said in a release. Teausant agreed during a hearing Monday at U.S. District Court in Seattle to be extradited to California to face the charge.

According to a federal complaint, Teausant told an informant working with the FBI that he and his friends discussed "hitting" Los Angeles subways on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.

The informant allegedly received a text message from Teausant asking about buying fireworks "with the biggest boom," the complaint said.

A later text from the defendant allegedly advised, "Don't go to L.A." and "if you do don't use the subway," according to the complaint. When an informant questioned Teausant on Jan. 4 about what happened to his plan, Teausant responded that it was canceled because "they" had been "tipped off," the complaint said.