In tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly said that Russia’s blatant violation of international law puts the world in serious jeopardy.

O’Reilly said that other bad people are taking notice of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions.

“The Factor” host said the world can expect the following unintended consequences:

- North Korea will likely get more aggressive toward South Korea.

- Assad will probably regain control of Syria, and another blood bath will ensue.

- China will likely seize a small island chain currently controlled by Japan.

- Iran will probably ramp up its nuclear weapons activity.

President Obama said that the G7 will meet in Holland next week to discuss punishing Russia. O’Reilly believes that if the G7 imposes harsh sanctions, Putin will align himself with Iran, knocking out nuclear weapons negotiations.

“In the short term, Putin is willing to take some economic pain to conquer territory, and believe me, this thug is not gonna stop,” O’Reilly said. “He’s going to cause as much trouble as he can because that diverts attention away from the bad Russian economy. By using military power, Putin becomes the big hero, rather than being seen as the incompetent administrator he is.”

“The truth is that President Obama tried a soft power policy, and it has failed dismally,” O’Reilly said, adding that “we are living in a very dangerous world where killers rule, intimidate, and inflict massive damage on innocent people.”

O’Reilly compared the situation with Putin to the Iranian hostage crisis, which destroyed former President Jimmy Carter’s credibility.

“Make no mistake about it, Putin is out to destroy Barack Obama and badly damage the USA,” he said.

Charles Krauthammer was on “The O’Reilly Factor” to respond to the Talking Points Memo.

“What this does is this unsettles every country on the frontier of Ukraine,” Krauthammer said of the situation with Russia and Crimea. “Today, Ukraine, tomorrow, Eastern Europe.”

Krauthammer said that the world “understands that this administration is living in a fantasy world,” which is why the “bad guys” have become emboldened.

Watch the Talking Points Memo above and Krauthammer's analysis below.


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