A police official defied a Miami judge's order to turn over information on an anonymous tip, eating a piece of paper in court in protest. Retired police chief Richard Masten, who now heads the the nonprofit Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers organization, said even though the information does not name the tipster, there are enough details for authorities to figure out the person's identity.

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He explained that he takes very seriously the Crime Stoppers' promise of anonymity for tipsters.

“I make a promise to tipsters out there. It isn’t going to happen on my watch. If you want to put me in jail, fine,” Masten said, according to the Miami Herald.

The judge, who had gone back to her chamber just before Masten ate the paper in front of TV news crews, gave him a week to turn over the information or face two weeks in jail and a $500 fine.

Masten ate the paper believing that police would seize it from him if he was found to be in contempt of court and arrested.

The tip is related to a drug arrest in Coral Gables last year. The attorney for the accused woman has requested the contents of the tip, but said he doesn't want to know who the tipster was.

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Masten was on "The Real Story" today to talk about the situation. Watch the video above for his full interview.

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