Bill O’Reilly discussed his Irish heritage and urged “Factor” viewers to be proud of where they come from in Monday’s “Tip of the Day.”

“I am 100 percent Irish, which is either a blessing or a tragedy, depending how you look at it,” O’Reilly joked. He discussed today’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City, which draws thousands of revelers.

“I’m proud to see this display every year, but I am not proud of the drinking culture that surrounds it,” he said. “St. Patrick was a good guy, helped the poor immensely, and should be honored with sobriety.”

O’Reilly said everyone should be proud of their heritage, no matter what it is. He suggested learning more about your background on

“Factor Tip of the Day: Knowing where you come from is a good thing, it’s a noble thing, and you should pass it on to your children,” he said.