Some heartwarming video has been making the rounds in the last week, showing an Iraq War veteran being reunited with the German shepherd that served alongside him.

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Retired Air Force Sergeant David Simpson and his best friend, Robbie, were reunited last week in Germany. Simpson, who was Robbie's handler for four years as an Air Force M.P., left the military for medical reasons, but the canine still had a few years of active duty left.

So Simpson was forced to say goodbye, and the two have now been reunited since Robbie just retired. Simpson spent $3,000 on the first flight he could find to bring Robbie home, and now the shepherd is getting used to his new life as the family dog.

"Word's can't even explain it," Simpson told Brian Kilmeade this morning, after being asked what he felt when he heard Robbie was OK and ending his service.

Simpson said everything is going well so far with Robbie and his three children.

Watch the emotional reunion and interview above, plus check out some more feel-good military reunions from Fox News below.

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