You may remember this story from 2000 of a British Airlines pilot who saved a plane from crashing en route from the UK to Kenya. The attack led to a locked-door policy on all UK airlines.

Martha MacCallum spoke to the pilot, Captain William Hagan, on The Real Story this afternoon.

Hagan said he was asleep when the man entered the cockpit and grabbed the controls. He awoke when the aircraft jerked to one side and moments later, the plane took a steep dive that exceeded 30,000 feet per minute.   

After several attempts to thwart the attacker, Hagan gouged his eyes out. He told Martha that a few days before the incident, he and his son were discussing ways to handle a shark attack. “I told him that I would put my finger into its eye. I’ve been told that was a technique you could use. That came to me at precisely that moment.”

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