A “Hannity” panel took on controversial remarks that Bill Maher made about the new film “Noah.”

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“No one can blame me when I say this is a stupid country when 60 percent of the adults in it think the ‘Noah’s Ark’ story is literally true, which is why im already sick of seeing the ads for [‘Noah’],” he said. “The thing that’s really disturbing about ‘Noah’ isn’t the silly, it’s that it’s immoral, it’s about a psychotic mass murderer who gets away with it, and his name is God.”

Ralph Reed said attacks on Christianity are “the last acceptable form of bigotry in our culture.”

“This is somebody who has compared the Catholic Church to the Taliban,” Reed said. “He has said that Christians suffer from a neurological disorder, and what really bothers me, Sean, is that in Hollywood, in popular culture, it’s OK to ridicule, to denigrate and to demean people whose only crime is to believe in the Bible and to care for others.”

“Why should he apologize? I mean, that’s what he believes,” Jedediah Bila said. “The good thing about this country is that you can have these two very different visions, and they can coexist, and the free market does speak for itself oftentimes. If somebody says something that you don’t like, people do change the channel and those shows do go off the air.”

“All I’m saying is that rhetorical violence and deliberately demeaning people and stigmatizing people usually precedes marginalizing them in society,” Reed said. Reed added that just because Maher has the right to say these things doesn't mean HBO should give him a platform to do it.

Deirdre Imus said Maher's on a “hate bandwagon.”

Watch the full panel discussion above.

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