Malaysian investigators are now focusing on the pilots, crew and ground staff of the missing jetliner after determining that the plane’s diversion was a deliberate act.

Police have been searching the homes of 53-year-old pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah and 27-year-old co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid. They have taken away Shah’s flight simulator in hopes of learning why he built it and what he was doing with it.

According to The Mail, Shah was a “fanatical” supporter of Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who was jailed just hours before the jet disappeared.

A total of 25 nations are looking for the plane along two search paths – a northern corridor, which stretches as far as Kazakhstan, and a southern corridor, which goes deep into the Indian Ocean. Authorities are also looking into whether the plane managed to reach land in one of 11 countries.

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was headed toward Beijing on March 8 when it lost contact with air traffic control at 1:30 a.m. and vanished. The final words from the cockpit were a routine goodbye – “All right, goodnight.” No distress calls were made.

Investigators believe that someone intentionally switched off the jetliner’s tracking devices and then flew the plane for several hours. The left turn that was made was reportedly pre-programmed into the plane’s navigational computer, raising a lot of questions.

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