This week on “Media Buzz,” Howard Kurtz asked panelists if they think HBO’s “Girls” and Lena Dunham are overhyped?

Since she was first mentioned in the New York Times at age 11, Dunham has been written about in the publication 300 times.

Elise Viebeck, of The Hill, said the media accolades are deserved.

Joe Concha, of Mediaite, disagreed, saying that Manhattan media outlets love the show, but the rest of the country doesn’t. He said that “Girls” takes in 800,000 views per episode and that Dunham’s “Saturday Night Live” guest hosting job brought in the second lowest ratings of the season.

“If it affects the New York media, they therefore think it affects the rest of the country. If they love ‘Girls,’ they therefore think the rest of the country will love ‘Girls,’ and simply, the numbers don’t add up,” Concha said.

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