A female firefighter says the FDNY searched her phone records and may have denied her a promotion for anonymously speaking to the media about a recruit.

Elizabeth Osgood was on “Fox and Friends” this morning, where she said she was “absolutely shocked” to learn that the FDNY had gone through her cellphone records.

Back in November, Osgood spoke to the New York Post about Wendy Tapia, a female recruit who took the running test six times and was still able to graduate.

“I don’t know how she got to graduate. It never should have happened,” Osgood anonymously told the Post. “You should not graduate if you can’t meet all the requirements — male, female, black or white.”

The FDNY used subpoena power to search Osgood’s phone records. Osgood was supposed to step up to lieutenant, but her promotion was yanked.

Union president Steve Cassidy called it a breach of First Amendment rights and an abuse of power.

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