Things got wild this week at a California school board meeting where locals berated a superintendent who was found to be bringing home a yearly compensation package of $663,000. Centinela Valley high school district superintendent Jose Fernandez spoke at the start, declaring that the media had exaggerated his salary and benefits, and saying he would take a significant pay cut down to less than $300,000.

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Fernandez said he would forgo the slew of perks and extra benefits, including a yearly 9% raise that was in his contract.

The outrageous pay package was first reported last month by the Daily Breeze, which found that in addition, Fernandez also obtained a low-interest loan of $910,000 from the school district in order to buy a house.

A steady stream of local citizens, including high school students, got up to speak, excoriating Fernandez and the board members who approved his compensation in 2009. One man, Jay Gould, shouted that all Fernandez and the board care about is money, as he hurled a fistful of dollars onto the stage and walked away.

Watch the moment above in the report from Fox and Friends. Gould was a guest on On the Record last night, telling Greta that he believes the school board is just waiting for the media to move on to other stories so they can go back to "business as usual."

Gould explained that the lowered pay is only going to run through the end of the fiscal year June 30, then revert back.

Watch the interview below.

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