Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) targeted President Obama for overreaching with his executive orders, voicing his support for a House bill that would require the president to enforce laws passed by Congress. The White House has said the president would veto such a proposal.

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Paul told Bill Hemmer this morning that his Senate proposal would give Congress legal standing to sue the president on these issues for violating the Constitution. Hemmer brought up the White House's argument that legislation must be amended along the way to ensure that it's working.

Obama has come under fire for using his executive powers to change or delay parts of ObamaCare without Congress' approval.

"The executive is supposed to dutifully enforce the laws and he's not supposed to cherry-pick which laws he likes and which he doesn't," said Paul, arguing that James Madison once warned of "tyranny" in the event that the president had the power to write or amend laws.

Fresh off his resounding CPAC straw poll win and Tuesday's special election victory by Republican David Jolly in Florida. Paul said he agrees with Jolly that the GOP must not only fight against ObamaCare, but provide an alternative plan that will improve the health care of Americans.

On his straw poll win, Paul emphasized that young conservatives and libertarians turned out in large numbers for the conference, signaling to him a possible electoral shift. He believes the NSA's surveillance tactics could lead to more young people supporting conservatives.

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Paul said he'll be speaking at Cal-Berkeley on Tuesday and expects that his message will be well received on the notoriously liberal campus.

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