Russia has announced the start of military exercises near the Ukrainian border reportedly involving 8,500 troops and heavy artillery.

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The European Union agreed on framework for sanctions against Russia as President Vladimir Putin insists his country isn’t to blame for the crisis on the Crimean Peninsula.

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) will travel to Ukraine today as part of a bipartisan delegation. He spoke to Jenna Lee on Happening Now before his trip.

Reacting to the military exercises, McCain said, “I think the best thing that the Congress of the United States could do is immediately pass this billion dollar loan guarantee and other penalties against Russia as quickly as possible.”

The senator blamed President Obama’s “feckless” foreign policy for the current situation. He expressed disappointment at Congress, including House Republicans, who do not support the legislation. 

“You can always find reasons to object to something. But if you ignore the absolute criticality of the United States of America weighing in on behalf of the Ukrainian people, even if it means some compromise, then you have your priorities badly skewed.” 

McCain said the United States needs to restore missile defense capabilities in Poland and the Czech Republic, pledge support for Moldova and Georgia joining NATO, and have military exercises with Baltic countries under threat from Russia.

Lastly, he recommended sanctioning “every single one of these corrupt guys so that they can’t enjoy London, they can’t have financial dealings with the West.” 

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