Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) made an impassioned speech on the House floor Wednesday, as lawmakers passed a bill that would give Congress the power to take legal action against the president for a failure to enforce federal laws.

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He pointed back to numerous statements by then-Sen. Barack Obama, who at the time spoke out against the Bush administration for expanding executive power.

“How does going from being a senator to a president rewrite the Constitution?” Gowdy asked. “What’s different from when he was a senator? Mr. Speaker, I don’t think there’s an amendment to the Constitution that I’ve missed. I try to keep up with those with regularity.”

Republicans have become frustrated that bills passed in Congress are not being enforced by the executive branch, accusing the Obama administration of picking and choosing which laws they like. Sen. Rand Paul is moving forward on a Senate version of the legislation.

Gowdy talked to Martha MacCallum this morning to voice his concerns, pointing out there have been about 20 changes, waivers and exemptions to ObamaCare without Congress' approval.

"This level of lawlessness is unprecedented. ... How do you explain that!?" he asked.

Gowdy questioned what else the GOP can do to make the Obama administration enforce all laws, except for take their case to court.

Watch the interview above and Gowdy's floor speech below.

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