A controversial Utah adoption law is raising questions about fathers’ rights. In the state, unmarried mothers can put a child up for adoption without notifying the biological father.

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Some critics say the fathers have a right to know, but others argue that the state’s priority should be the child.

Fox News’ Alicia Acuna reported that a statute, known as fraud immunity, dictates that if a mother lies, it’s not enough to overturn the adoption. Proposed legislation would allow states to share information to prevent that from happening.

Utah state Rep. Merrill Nelson said, “Our job is to look after the rights of the child primarily, what is best for the child. And it’s not to look after the rights of the reckless, unwed father who, who fathered the child.”

Another bill that would improve the rights of biological fathers was put on hold after some adoption agencies lobbied against it.

Acuna spoke to a woman who plans on giving her baby up for adoption and said she fled her home state after being abused by the biological father.

On the other side, there are fathers like Army veteran Chris Carlton of Pennsylvania. He searched for a burial site after his pregnant girlfriend told him the baby died. He later found out his baby was adopted in Utah.

Carlton’s currently part of a group of 30 fathers who are suing over Utah’s adoption laws in federal court.

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