Fox and Friends shared the story behind the patriotic image above that is now going viral. A teacher in Texas snapped the photo of a school groundskeeper putting down his tools to pay respects during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Like Father, Like Son: 3-Year-Old Mimics Airman Dad's Salute

Smith Middle School teacher Garrett Hartman and groundskeeper Clayton Allen, Jr. appeared on Fox and Friends this morning.

Hartman said Allen had his hand over his heart during the pledge. He took the photo during the moment of silence, saying it “spoke volumes for his character.”

Later that day, Hartman and another teacher went to meet Allen. “To find out that he was 21 – that really brought home the moment for both of us.”

Allen thanked his parents for his upbringing and teaching him to have respect. “I think about what Afghanistan and different other countries go through, we gotta be thankful. The blessings we have – each and every day we have to be thankful.”

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