The New Jersey teen who sued her parents for tuition and child support has returned home, but the lawsuit is apparently still on.

Rachel Canning, 18, is back in her Lincoln Park home after a judge denied her request for $654 per week in child support, thousands in legal fees, and reimbursement of her high school tuition.

Canning accused her parents of kicking her out of their house a few days before she turned 18, but her parents say she left voluntarily because she didn’t want to follow their rules, like being respectful, adhering to a curfew and doing chores around the house.

The teen’s parents said that in fall 2013, she began drinking every weekend, bragging about her hangovers and breaking curfew. They also said she stole from them and used their credit cards to buy clothes for herself.

Canning was suspended for two days for reportedly drinking at her school’s homecoming.

Canning alleged that her parents mentally and physically abused her. The Department of Family Services could not find anything to back those claims.

Attorney Angelo Sarno says he still represents Canning and that the case is still on.

Greta Van Susteren discussed the case today with defense attorney Ted Williams, as well as a teen panel. Watch Williams’ interview above. Watch more on this report and the teen panel’s input below.

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