A Colorado man may decide to sue the first responders who saved his life. Last September, we showed you the dramatic video of Roy Ortiz being pulled from his overturned car by rescuers after he drove onto a flooded road in Lafayette, Colorado.

Today on The Real Story, Gretchen Carlson spoke with Ortiz and his attorney Ed Ferszt. Carlson asked why he would sue the very people he should be thanking.  

Ortiz filed a notice of intent to sue Boulder County for $500,000.

Ferszt said it started with a civil claim against the driver who supposedly pushed Ortiz into the intersection. “It appears that rescuers, divers failed to ascertain where he was. […] So there was a presumption that he was dead and then there was no exigency to get him out of the car.”

Carlson said, “You understand why people watching right now might have a sense of anger that you would possibly be suing the rescuers for half a million dollars when your client […] is alive.”

Ferzst said that it’s required to state an amount when filing a notice.

“Could it be just that you’re looking for somebody else to pay for all these medical bills?” Carlson said, asking if it’s true that Ortiz is living in the United States illegally.

Ferzst would not answer the question and called it “irrelevant.” Carlson revealed that Ferzst told her during the commercial break that he believes Ortiz is undocumented.  She added, “It’s an important point as we’re looking at all the details of this case.”