On “Hannity” tonight, Ann Coulter blasted groups that she says claim to be Tea Partiers while going after good Republicans.

Coulter said people are claiming to be Tea Partiers “in order to raise money for themselves, in order to redecorate their offices, in order to put in craft beer bars, and they are doing that after going after what they call ‘establishment Republicans.’”

Coulter published a column today in which she said she goes after the facts of Sen. Mitch McConnell and then the “crazy, hysterical jeremiads you see against him at places like RedState.”

“I look at a senator’s voting record. They just gin up people who are angry, and I understand why people are angry – I’m angry, we’re all angry – that’s why we need to replace Democrats with Republicans and not just lash out at the people closest to us,” she said.

Coulter also talked about Obama’s “Between Two Ferns” appearance. Watch the video above for more. Read her column here.

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