Actress Kelly Rutherford joined The Real Story panel to discuss a case involving privacy rights of estranged soon-to-be parents.

A New Jersey judge ruled that an unmarried pregnant woman can keep the baby’s father out of the delivery room and doesn’t have to tell him when she’s in labor.

Rutherford, who was in a similar situation, said, “I think what we need to think about is the health and well-being of the mother and that child. I mean all I kept thinking through my whole pregnancy and all the stress of this was you just have to stay healthy for this little girl.”

In Rutherford’s case, a judge ordered 50/50 custody of her two children. “I was bankrupted and then told that I had to facilitate 50/50 custody in a foreign country and go see my kids and pay for it.”

She continues to fight for custody of her children and will appear in court on Thursday in Los Angeles.