Belgium has become the first country to allow euthanasia for terminally sick children. Will it become a new destination for death tourism of families whose kids are suffering?

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Today on Fox and Friends, psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow and Fox News legal analyst Arthur Aidala engaged in a heated debate over this issue.

Aidala does not believe Belgium will become a destination for American families with terminally sick kids because, he argued, there are laws in place to prevent that from happening. “The United States Supreme Court ruled you do not have a right […] under the Constitution to doctor-assistant suicide.”

“This is a slippery slope. We should have learned from Nazi Germany, where euthanasia preceded the horrors there,” Dr. Ablow said.

Aidala explained that there are layers of checks and balances to the system in Belgium. “First, the child’s got to want to do it. The parents have to consent to it. Two different doctors, medical doctors, and then a psychiatrist have to all say this child is terminally ill, is in serious pain, there’s no ability to recover.”

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Dr. Ablow said there is no reason for children to suffer with the pain medicines on the market. Instead of doctors fighting for children as hard as they can, he warned that it sets the stage for doctors to tell parents, “Now it’s okay to resign yourself for the inevitable."

“You’re doctors, you’re not gods,” Aidala responded. “And sometimes, you’re right. There may be a reality that this is one of those cases we cannot fix. […] And the way we put dogs out of misery, the way we put horses out of misery, why don’t we put human beings…”

Dr. Ablow interjected, “We’re not going to equate our children with dogs.”

Watch the full debate above.

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