Some passengers stranded on the Carnival Triumph last year are now suing for $5,000 a month for life. Last February, 3,200 passengers were left in dire conditions for days on board the cruise ship after an engine room fire knocked out power.

In addition to no electricity, there were reports of unsanitary conditions and little food.  

Today on America’s News HQ, Judge Napolitano said he would probably throw out the passengers’ case.

“The maritime laws and the agreement that the passengers signed before they got on the ship limits their damages to the return of the cost of the ship and the reasonable directly connected medical expenses,” he said.

He explained that it only matters what Carnival knew before the ship left, not what happened after. 

To get the court to break the contract, Napolitano said passengers must demonstrate that this was beyond negligence. “They would almost have to show a willful, wanton disregard for human life that would be almost inconceivable in this realm.”