New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has been slapped with three new lawsuits over his decision to kick charter school students out of public school space.

Former Republican New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani went “On The Record” tonight, where he told Greta Van Susteren that charter schools are helping poor children, and they perform much better than public schools. He said de Blasio’s decision could be due to pressure from teachers unions, since a lot of charter school teachers aren’t unionized.

“I don’t understand it,” Giuliani said of de Blasio’s decision. “We can hardly say our public school system in this country is working so well that there shouldn’t be other alternatives.”

“We should be moving in the direction of hundreds – if not thousands – of charter schools,” he said.

“Being mayor is a learning experience […] Maybe Mayor de Blasio will learn from this, maybe he’ll grow from this and understand this is a good alternative for the very people who he professes to want to help,” Giuliani said.

Watch his full interview above.

Read more about the charter school fight below via Fox News:

Mayor de Blasio is getting hit with three new lawsuits by charter-school supporters, his traditional enemies — just as his pals who despise the popular institutions are threatening him with legal action for offering a compromise.

The Success Academy, a charter-school network run by his nemesis Eva Moskowitz, is filing a federal civil-rights lawsuit to overturn his decision to disallow its Central Harlem middle school from sharing space with a public school.

Opening a second front, Success officials are going to Albany to file papers with state Education Commissioner John King to try to reverse City Hall’s decision to keep two new Success Academy elementary schools from opening.

One is scheduled for shared space at Murry Bergtraum HS downtown and the other at August Martin HS in Queens.

All three co-locations had been approved last year by then-Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

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