A neighbor of George Zimmerman, the man on trial for the murder of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, took the stand today in a Sanford courtroom, describing what he saw the night that Martin was shot and killed.

Joe Manolo was the first person to run outside after the shooting, finding a bloody Zimmerman standing and a lifeless Martin lying on the grass. Manolo also took the first photos of Zimmerman's injuries on his camera phone, which have become a major piece of evidence in the case.

Prosecution Witness: Trayvon Martin Was on Top During Fight

Manolo recounted for the prosecution how Zimmerman instructed him to tell his wife what was going on in a phone call after the shooting.

"I said, 'your husband has been involved in a shooting, and he's being handcuffed and he's going to be held for questioning at the Sanford Police Department,' and at that time he kind of cut me off and said, 'just tell her I shot someone.'"