Fox News' own Jenna Lee has a personal connection when it comes to covering the story of a growing phone scam, referred to as the "grandparents" scam. It all began after Lee's own grandmother called and left a voicemail last week, telling her granddaughter that someone had called her that day, claiming to be Jenna, and urgently asking for money. The caller knew a lot about her, including where she lived. Lee interviewed cyber crime expert Morgan Wright and got details about the trend.

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The government issued a warning about this very scam recently, Wright said, explaining how the perpetrators succeed in getting money from their elderly targets.

"They do a common trick ... they say, hi grandma, grandpa, it's me," said Wright, at which point the grandparent will generally respond with the name of their grandchild. The scammer then uses that information to form a relationship with the target.

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As for how they know who to target, Wright said the technique employed is called "dialing for dollars" ... and it's pretty simple. "You just pick up the phone and dial until you find people who fit the profile you're looking for," he said.

Get more details in the segment above.

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