Sometimes, a hamburger isn't just a hamburger ... you know what we're saying? Yeah, we don't really either. All we know is that this particular Wendy's customer is pretty serious about his cheese (or lack thereof), and when he didn't get the burger he'd paid for, he took his beef up with a restaurant employee. Thankfully, it was caught on tape for the viewing pleasure of all.

The irate rant includes the man shouting out such gems as "Is there cheese in hamburger?! There's not cheese in hamburger!"

At an exceptionally angry moment in the explosion, he swears at the employee, saying, "There's not even bacon on this, there's not onion on this, there's nothing that I've asked for! This is such incompetence ... I'm losing my (expletive) mind right now!"

Watch the whole thing in the clip above. You won't regret it.