Elisabeth Hasselbeck received a friendly welcome on the set of Fox and Friends Monday morning, complete with a surprise visit from her real-life friend and former 'The View' co-host Sherri Shepherd. [Watch the video here!]

Insider caught up with Sherri backstage to give us her take on what Steve and Brian should know about their new addition, as well as what Sherri herself will miss most about not having her own 'Elisabeth time' every day.

Advice for Steve and Brian for working with Elisabeth?
"You know what, Elisabeth is the type of woman who - she gets along with everybody. So, all you have to do is come in in a great mood, with a smile on your face, and right there you’re set. And have some gluten-free. Anything gluten-free is good for Elisabeth!

Does she have any morning rituals that Steve and Brian should be aware of?
"She comes in really chipper. I think she’s more chipper than the average chipper person. So, you gotta get used to that. ... [Sometimes] she disappears in her office for a minute, and I think she’s praying, but other than that, she’s just really chipper. So, if you’re not a morning person … get used to her.

What will you miss most about working with Elisabeth?
Her spirit. She’s such a beautiful person, and she’s a dear friend. Elisabeth is very, very loyal. I’m going to miss her giving me advice as a mother, because [my son] Jeffrey and [her daughter] Gracie are the same age. I’m just gonna miss her being there. We would pray together in the mornings, and I’m really gonna miss that. That’s my ride-or-die friend! 

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