Well, I guess we should thank Steve for this next hilarious video. On a segment Thursday on Fox and Friends, the crew talked about how easy it is to edit a Wikipedia page, commenting on the reasoning behind not using the site as a reliable source when it comes to, well, basically all information. It was in that discussion on the curvy couch that Doocy suggested that you, the viewers, go to the Fox and Friends Wikipedia page and edit it - a feature that he argued adds to the site's lack of reliability. And edit, you did.

Some of the edits that made the group chuckle? The show was described by one viewer as "a secret ninja society" whose "goal is world domination." Hmmm ... seems plausible? Or, how about this description of Steve: an "insect collector" who can't contain his love for "Barry Manilow (his older stuff)."

Of course, Brian didn't get off easy, with an edit characterizing him as the person responsible for "causing Superstorm Sandy." They also added that he "moonlights as a small engine repairman."

Happy Friday, folks!