During a speech at the National Defense University in which he addressed the U.S. policy on drone strikes, the terror attack in Benghazi and renewing a commitment to closing the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, applause broke out, followed by a woman shouting out remarks after the president said, "As President, I have tried to close Gitmo. I transferred 67 detainees to other countries before Congress imposed restrictions to effectively prevent us from either transferring detainees to other countries, or imprisoning them in the United States. These restrictions make no sense." [WATCH PARTS 2 AND 3 AT BOTTOM OF POST]

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A woman began shouting, reportedly saying, "You are commander in chief - you can close Guantanamo today!" The president then asked the woman to let him address it. 

"Ma'am, thank you. You should let me finish my sentence. Today, I once again call on Congress to lift the restrictions on detainee transfers from Gitmo. I have asked the Department of Defense to designate a site in the United States where we can hold military commissions."

"Release them today!" the woman continued, undeterred.

"Ma'am, let me finish. ...This is part of free speech is me being able to speak but you listening and me being able to speak," the president said. 

"You have killed innocent families saying it will make us safer at home!" she went on. "I love my country! I love the rule of law. Drones [are] making us less safe!"

Finally, the president paused as the woman was escorted out. When he resumed speaking, he said, "You know, I think ... and I'm going off script as you might expect here (applause). The voice of that woman is worth paying attention to ... Obviously I do not agree with much of what she said and obviously she was not listening to me in what I said ... but these are tough issues and any suggestion we can gloss over them is wrong."

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