In remarks on Thursday, President Barack Obama announced that insurance companies will be able to keep offering coverage that would have otherwise been canceled under ObamaCare.

He highlighted the successes of the plan, only after saying, "I think everybody understands that I'm not happy that the rollout has been fraught with problems."

"I hear you loud and clear," the president said in addressing concerned Americans who have lost coverage because of the Affordable Care Act.

The president announced that insurance companies will now be able to continue to sell policies that would have otherwise been canceled under his health care law for at least one more year to existing customers. He added that the fixes won't solve every problem for every American, but will go a long way in improving the law.

"If I fumbled the ball, I’m somebody who's going to wait until I get the next play and run as hard as I can," he said in answering a reporter's question, adding, "We did fumble the ball."

The Affordable Care Act has come under intense scrutiny over the past few weeks, with many criticizing the failure of the website as well as enrollment numbers that paled in comparison to White House projections.

In remarks earlier on Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said he does not believe the president can fix the law's problems with administrative changes.

"The only way to fully protect the American people is to scrap this law once and for all,'' Boehner said.

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