An organization called The Mia Foundation gave a puppy named Mick a second chance at life after he was born with a disorder known as 'swimmer puppy syndrome.' The syndrome causes the dog's legs to splay out to the side, preventing it from being able to walk. Most dogs born with the defect are put down due to the time and money needed for therapy and rehabilitation.

Mia Foundation founder Sue Rogers joined Fox and Friends on Monday and brought along the now-famous Mick who, with the help of some therapy, can now dance and prance like any other pup ... and the video documenting this feat has gone viral on YouTube.

Head to The Mia Foundation's website to learn more after you watch the (adorable) video above. But be forewarned, Mick's a hot commodity, with Rogers joking that she's already received about, y'know, 5,000 emails inquiring about his adoption.