On Monday, October 7, Megyn Kelly is making the move to primetime! The Kelly File debuts at 9p ET, and Insider caught up with Megyn for a sneak peek at the new show.

“I’m excited, my team’s excited […] We can’t wait to get this thing on the air. We have been working on this for months!”

Friday at 3p ET: Join Megyn Kelly for a LIVE Twitter Chat

The show will bring you the news of the day, with Kelly’s typical no-nonsense take. “My obligation as the host of The Kelly File is to make sure the viewers hear it straight. I’m not going to let anybody come on and give me talking points.”

After taking maternity leave following the birth of her third child, Kelly is thrilled to reunite with the Fox News audience. “We have the best viewers anywhere. That’s our blessing and that’s our privilege as the anchors here at FNC. When you know that they are trusting you to inform them of what the news is, you have an obligation out there to get the news, get it right, hopefully get it first.”  

Tune in to The Kelly File Monday, October 7th at 9p ET.

Plus, on Friday, October 4 at 3p ET, join Megyn for a LIVE Twitter chat. Tweet your questions and comments using #kellyfile. 

Fox News Announces New Primetime Lineup, Debuting October 7