A Boston man is lucky to be alive today ... and all thanks to a handful of hero bystanders who dug deep for courage and empathy after seeing him fall onto the tracks.

VIDEO: 8-Year-Old Hero Saves Toddlers, Others From Burning Building!

The terrifying incident was caught on surveillance video, showing what appears to be a drunk man seemingly collapsing onto subway tracks. The fall was immediately met with the heartwarming rush of bystanders to the aid of the man.

Is This Pig a Hero, or WHAT?

Dr. Keith Ablow weighed in on America's Newsroom on Friday, saying that the attributes that allowed the heroes in the video above to be able to react in such a fashion can be taught to others ... but it's not easy. Hear his insightful thoughts about what makes a hero different than the next guy or gal ... if anything.

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