If it isn't the prerogative of a good dad to teach his teen daughter about dressing classy, then whose is it? At least, that's what Utah dad Scott Mackintosh probably thought when he donned these Daisy Dukes before taking his daughter out for some quality father-daughter time.

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His goal in wearing the uber-short shorts? To teach her a lesson about dressing modestly. And we think his attempt was probably successful, since in the QT he forced her to accompany him on putt-putt golf outing and a trip to Shake Shack for burgers. Reportedly, the teen was so mortified by his wardrobe (or lack thereof) that she wouldn't even go into the establishments. 

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Dana Perino reacted to the story on today's The Five, saying she backs the stunt 100 percent. Way to go, dad!

One thing Dana does want to know, though - Bob Beckel, when are you going to go to the same lengths? Or, well, shorts...

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