The U.S. State Department announced Friday that it will be closing 14 different outposts throughout the Middle East, including embassies in Libya, Afghanistan, and Israel out of an abundance of caution after receiving undisclosed terror threats.

Officials aren't doling out much information, saying only that they have been "aprised of information" that in response to which they are instituting precautionary steps. Later Friday morning, the government added travel advisories for the region in connection to the threats.

Ret. Gen. Jack Keane weighed in on this morning's America's Newsroom, giving his expertise on how the nation would defend itself and its outposts should any incidents occur overseas. Keane said that not only do we have "serious security forces" protecting most of those embassies, officials have "certainly alerted forces," so that they can be on the ready to assist and provide backup should the need arise.

Watch the full interview above.