A Texas graduate student's plan to give away shotguns to measure the impact of firearms when put in the hands of law-abiding citizens in high-crime areas is garnering criticism. Some are even calling it a 'sick social experiment.'

The experiment is run by the Armed Citizens Project, and its director says that it's not unique to Texas. In fact, the concept became so popular that it expanded to other cities, including New York, Detroit, Dallas, Tucson, Indianapolis, and Chicago. 

What the project does is identify high crime neighborhoods in specified cities by looking at police stats. They then raise money to buy shotguns to hand out to eligible residents, who must pass background checks as well as complete state-mandated firearms training.

Upwards of 100 households in each of those cities would be armed after the round of shotgun distributions.

Kyle Coplen, president of the Armed Citizens Project, says that anyone supporting the Second Amendment should be able to get behind the goal of the experiment.

"We're creating new and responsible gun owners," he said, adding that "all of these really should be palatable to that crowd that claims they support the right of self defense..."

Critics, however, say fighting crime won't get done by adding more guns to the streets.

Houston area attorney and talk show host Geoff Berg said he fears the number of accidental shootings and suicides will go up if the guns get in the wrong hands. 

"What we should really be thinking about is what it's going to be like to look into the eyes of parents once one of those guns falls into the wrong hands or once one of those guns accidentally discharges and kills or maims an innocent child."

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