Following a flurry of outcry from unions and the public, the TSA is once again prohibiting small knives from carry-on baggage, Fox News confirms. Below is a statement released by the TSA on Wednesday:

Former TSA Screener's Shocking Allegations About Agency

"TSA strongly values the input of our partners and traveling public, and appreciates the varying points of view shared throughout the review process. After extensive engagement with the Aviation Security Advisory Committee, law enforcement officials, passenger advocates, and other important stakeholders, TSA will continue to enforce the current prohibited items list. TSA's top priority continues to be expansion of efforts to implement a layered, Risk-Based Security approach to passenger screening while maximizing resources. Risk-Based Security enhances the travel experience while allowing TSA to continue to keep passengers safe by focusing on those we know less about, and we will continue to take steps to improve our ever evolving security posture while also improving the experience of the traveling public."

The statement also cited the following information as background: 

Small knives, novelty-sized and toy bats, billiard cues, ski poles, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks and golf clubs will remain on the TSA prohibited items list for carry-on baggage.