It was nearly two months ago that President Obama stood before the residents of West, TX and vowed the nation would help "rebuild their community" after a deadly blast devastated the town. A total of 15 people were killed and countless homes were destroyed in the April 17 fertilizer plant explosion. Today, the city's mayor, Tommy Muska, reacted to FEMA's denial of financial assistance to aid in rebuilding efforts.

Muska told 'America Live' host Megyn Kelly that the governor's office is preparing a letter to appeal the decision, but the agency's refusal to term the incident a "disaster" has him perplexed. 

"If they came down and saw what I saw ... If that's not a disaster, I don't know what they consider a disaster," he said. 

Not to mention the fact that the city's annual budget is a meager $2 million ... meager considering Muska estimates that it will take millions of dollars to rebuild what's been damaged and destroyed.