Justin Bieber is getting too big for his britches — in more ways than one.

The teenager with the famous hairdo and sagging pants is under investigation for a weekend altercation outside a nightclub on Long Island.

Southampton Police told the New York Post they are checking into reports that Bieber directed his bodyguards to beat up a man. The victim suffered a number of injuries – including a broken rib. Another club patron was knocked out.


The 19-year-old “singer” is also accused of jumping out of the sun roof of his SUV and ripping off his shirt in some sort of bizarre “Die-Hard”-fueled rage.

Mr. Bieber was once the darling of the bubble gum crowd. But now the clean-cut crooner with epic hair who quoted Bible verse has become a foul-mouthed wannabe thug who spits on his fans, urinates in public and allegedly smokes pot.

It’s curious behavior indeed for a young man who once professed to be a wholesome churchgoer. But I don’t know too many good churchgoers who fire up the Wacky Terbacky.

Uncle Jerry, the wise sage of the Starnes family, once said if you roll around in the hay loft you’re bound to get ticks. In other words – you are who you hang out with.

And judging from the company Mr. Bieber’s been keeping, he’s well on his way to becoming a booze-swilling, droopy-drawers gangsta with a high-pitched voice.

And that brings me back to the throw-down outside that fancy Long Island nightclub. Bieber’s bodyguards allegedly pummeled two men while he talked smacked.

It’s a good thing he had bodyguards because based on his scrawny frame, I’d say Mr. Bieber’s mouth is writing checks his body can’t cash.

Let’s hope is attitude changes once he hits puberty. And his voice, too.