In a rare, live interview, country music superstar Toby Keith talked with Shepard Smith about growing up in Moore, Oklahoma and what he's doing to help in the aftermath of the tornado that left a wide path of destruction in the town. Keith's sister was among those whose homes were damaged. 

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"This path we're standing in got her house," he told Shep. "At this point you say, 'hey, everybody's alive' ... and the spirit of Oklahoma will come right back."

Keith knows his way around the wrecked town, telling Shep as he pointed that he "grew up like four blocks over [there]" before moving closer to where the Fox News crew was set up for the interview ... in the midst of rubble and debris from decimated homes.

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The singer also weighed in on the inevitability of a benefit concert coming to fruition, something he'll be a part of, but only 'once we get past the shock of this thing' and turn the corner, he said.

Watch part 1 of the interview above and part 2 below:

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