The owner of New Hampshire's Phantom Fireworks confirmed Wednesday that the older brother suspected in the Boston bombing, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, bought two large re-loadable mortar kits from the store ... an illegal item in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Fox News' Molly Line reported that the elder Tsarnaev crossed state lines in February, making the purchase at the Seabrook, NH store on February 6. Tsarnaev purchased two 'lock-and-load' kits in total that were part of a BOGO deal, costing him about $200. He reportedly also received a card at the point of purchase that would make him into a 'loyalty member.'

The store worker recalled her interaction with Tsarnaev and told her manager of the encounter.

"He asked her to point him directly to the most powerful and loudest fireworks that we had," said April Walton, store manager.

However, Phantom Firework's Vice President, Bill Weimer, says he doubts any of the products purchased could have been ultimately responsible for the Marathon bombing.

"I just don't think they would have been able to mine enough power from these products," said Weimer.

This isn't the first time Phantom has made news because of items bought in their stores. The infamous Times Square Bomber was also seen on surveillance buying fireworks from a Phantom store in Pennsylvania.