According to pageant officials, every question asked of the contestants of the Miss America pageant is said to be created equal ... meaning, each question should be the same level of "difficulty" as the one before it. However, there was some controversy surrounding those asked of the ladies in last night's broadcast.

In questions that pitted Miss California against Miss New York, a potential differential in the weight of the questions sparked controversy.  

In the first, the judge asked, ​"The U.S. has threatened to attack Syria over using chemical weapons on its own people. It's a terrible crime, but is it our responsibility to punish them for it?"

Pretty heavy. Second question?

"Miley Cyrus has caused a media sensation with her 'twerking' performance on the VMAs, appearing nude in her new video, and so on ... What do you think? Is it just Miley expressing herself artistically, or Miley please what are you thinking?"

We want to hear from you! Comment below and let us know if you think the questions were fair. Elisabeth Hasselbeck joked on this morning's Fox and Friends that she's all for the "diversity" represented in the questions. 

"In defense of the diversity of the questions asked, in our home, twerking is a weapon of mass destruction," she said.