A rare scientific phenomenon the likes of which only occur every 22 years is causing the sun to flip out ... literally. The massive star's magnetic fields are flipping, meaning its north pole becomes its south pole and vice versa. According to NASA, the impact of the switch will be felt across the entire solar system.

As for what it means for those of us terrestrial beings on Earth, Corey Powell of Discover Magazine shed some light ... pun intended.

Powell warned of a greater risk of blackouts due to increased solar activity that causes the magnetic pole flip. The scale of such blackouts would be massive, as severe solar superstorms would be possible.

According to estimates, between $500 million and $1 billion worth of damage is caused during a year in which normal solar weather is observed. But a year with solar weather on the level of such prementioned superstorms? Experts say it's impossible to accurately predict (since the last occurred in 1859), but estimates range between $1 to $2 trillion ... in the U.S. alone!