New video surfacing Wednesday shows the deadly and chilling signs of escalating violence in Syria after rebel reports claim the Assad regime used nerve gas in an attack against its own people.

Rebels say Bashar al-Assad's regime killed hundreds in the country, including young children, in a nerve gas attack near Damascus. The Syrian government denies those reports, however, calling those claims "baseless."

However, Retired 4-Star General Jack Keane cried foul at the regime's claims of innocence.

"It's likely given those videos [...] that it's likely sarin gas," he said.

Keane went on to say that the lack of push-back from the U.S. may be adding to the government's escalating violence, saying that when Assad's forces first used artillery against the population, there was no reaction. Assad then moved to using air power, and still received no reaction.

Now, Keane says, the ruler likely used a chemical weapon for the third or fourth time in the conflict ... but the general says its effectiveness goes beyond the physical.

"They're a weapon of terror," he explained, saying the regime is using them to "break the will of the people" for supporting the rebel forces.