Sen. Rand Paul reacted to increasing chaos in Egypt on tonight's 'Hannity.' In an interview with Eric Bolling, in for Sean, Paul responded to the Obama administration's reaction to the uprising in Cairo, after Jay Carney conveyed the president's "deep concern" for what's happening, but hesitancy to choose a side.

Why Was Obama Golfing While Egypt Erupted in Chaos?

"Why hasn't the Obama administration called what's happened a coup?" Bolling asked. Paul's response? They're confused, he said, adding that the administration's biggest downfall is their erroneous belief that we can buy friendship and spread our influence through money - something Paul says won't work.

"[There are] no constraints other than rule of the mob" in the region, he said, citing their lack of a constitution like that of the United States.

Watch the full interview, above.