On Monday night's Hannity, Sen. Rand Paul sat down with Sean to continue to bolster his argument for a lawsuit he is planning to file against the NSA after it was revealed that the agency collected the phone and internet data of millions of Americans. Paul has been outspoken in  the aftermath, calling the collection a breach of our civil liberties.

Sen. Paul Vows Action at Supreme Court Level

Hannity used clips of President Barack Obama speaking out against such surveillance before his first presidential election, comments which Paul condemned as "utter, rank hypocrisy."

One such speech took place on October 29, 2007, in which the then-Senator Obama said, "When I'm president, the first thing I'm going to do is call in my attorney general and say to him or her, 'I want you to review every executive order that's been issued by George Bush, whether it relates to warrantless wire taps, or detaining people, or reading emails, or whatever it is. I want you to go through every single one of them, and if they're unconstitutional, if they're encroaching on civil liberties unnecessarily, we're going to overturn them."

“[The president] says a lot of good things, and he sounds good, but he doesn’t really seem to mean anything that he says, and that kind of hypocrisy is why Americans are fed up with Washington," Paul said.

Sean railed against the government's resistance to looking up "t for terrorism, but they're looking up t for Tea Party" in their efforts to snoop on every American. Paul agreed, adding that this very thing is "what our founding fathers fought the revolution over."