Musician and entertainer Ryan Adams entered into what would become a Twitter war with host Sean Hannity on Monday night after tweeting at him, "Your entire soul is controlled by fear and hate. Evolve little chicken man. See reality."

Well, one could predict Sean would respond, and respond he did, challenging Adams to come on the program to defend and explain his statement. Things progressively took a downward turn, with Adams replying with an essential 'thanks but no thanks,' tweeting that he "doesn't negotiate with terrorists."

On Tuesday's Hannity, Tamara Holder and Miss Oklahoma Marie Costello reacted in a segment on the "liberal Twitter tirade." 

"This isn't about liberals," Holder alleged. "This is about entertainers and artists who have a right to speak their minds and share their opinions..."

But that qualification wasn't good enough for Sean. He blasted back, "Then come on the program and stop being a wimp! He's hiding behind his rock star makeup like the gutless little coward that he is. Say it to my face, come on!"

Watch the segment above.