Ten-year-old Sarah Murnaghan and her family received the news they've been hoping, praying, and fighting for in their fight to save Sarah's life. Sarah, who battles cystic fibrosis, will receive a lung transplant shortly, her family confirmed, saying they were notified Wednesday that a set of adult lungs had become available. 

UPDATE, 12:15p ET: Sen. Pat Toomey is among those following Sarah's story. He tweeted the following after getting word of her transplant:

UPDATE, 12:10p ET: Molly Henneberg just reported that Sarah Murnaghan is currently undergoing transplant surgery, and will remain in surgery for several hours.

The Murnaghan family's fight to change the rules surrounding lung transplants for children under 12 took hold of the nation's conscience, it seems, eventually leading to their revision. 

One of the family's most outspoken advocates has been Fox News' own Peter Johnson, Jr. He reacted to Wednesday's hopeful news on 'Happening Now,' just moments after speaking with Sarah's aunt. 

Peter Johnson, Jr.: Murnaghan Family Are Whistleblowers Against Bad Gov't Policy